What Does Your Radio Say About You?

As with all things in life there are rules and etiquette governing our behavior. Breaking a rule gets your wrist slapped. Breaking etiquette shows ignorance or unconcern or perhaps self-importance. I illustrate using VHF radio as my example. Continue reading What Does Your Radio Say About You?

First Port of Call – JAX

The trip down the St. Johns River to Jacksonville has been good. A bit windy perhaps. A little choppy too.  And the fresh water system is leaking and the bilges are full.  The Captain is venting and Ship’s Cat is sulking. But it is a relief to be underway again. Continue reading First Port of Call – JAX

Spring Time, Migration Time

The boat is loaded, the engine running, and the cat tucked securely water snakeunder my arm. It is time to throw off the lines and head north with the warblers.

Our departure does not create much of a stir. The only neighbor to wave farewell is a five foot, very fat, water snake sunning on the bank. He eyes us unemotionally to verify we are truly leaving him to his peace. Continue reading Spring Time, Migration Time